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Self Healing through Prana

In today's world "Energy" is one of the most used words, both in economics and in human sciences. More and more people realize that their health and well-being depends on the state of inner energy. Many physical and mental diseases come from disturbances in the energy systems.

The Yoga term for energy is "Prana", often tranlated as "life force" or "life energy". Prana Yoga Sadhana is a systematic program geared to awaken Prana, the psychic energy, for healing, unfolding inner potential and spiritual development.

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Paperback: 153 pages
​Size: 15 x 22 cm

Die deutsche Ausgabe ist in Vorbereitung.
Einen Erscheinungstermin können wir aber aktuell leider noch nicht nennen. Wir bitten hierfür um Verständnis.

Prana Yoga by Nalini Sahay

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