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Yoga for Seniors Manual

Aging Gracefully with Yoga50plus

Yoga on a chair? Try if you dare

Are you interested in Yoga for Seniors? Would you like to do yoga but you can't sit comfortably in Easy Pose any more?

Or do you teach Yoga and want to make it more accessible for beginners who are in the second half of their lives.

This book will give you the answers to these questions and more. Its practical knowledge is based on many years of teaching Yoga to older students. There are many seniors who don't want to face the challenges of a “normal” class but still want to experience yoga. With this book you will learn how to adapt the most popular yoga poses and exercise sets and suit them to your needs and abilities.

Yoga50plus helps you to minimize the unwelcome symptoms of declining physical activity and to perceive the aging process as a benefit, a stage of maturation, which opens you up to a transformation from sheer physicality to powerful wisdom and insight. The concept is based on two pillars – the physical and subtle.

On the physical level, the five main objectives of Yoga50plus are: a stable pelvic floor,an upright and flexible spine, deep breathing, and balance and coordination skills. Progress in these areas is a guarantee of quality, as you grow older.

On a subtle level, Yoga50plus helps you to align and renew your life in relation to the changing conditions and challenges of the aging process. The wide range of meditations found in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan offers the perfect tools for “aging successfully.”

with over 400 illustrations in the text
with 21 sets inspired from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan
with many senior-friendly modified yoga postures
with senior-specific warm-up sequences
with suitable partner yoga exercises and  Venus Kriyas
with a variety of additional exercises for specific body parts

Many tips for yoga teachers!

195 pages
size: A-4-Quer


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